Nadia Abbasszadeh Tehrani

nadia tehrani


Assistant Professor

Ph.D.  in Environmental (Spatial) Planning, Tehran University 

Dissertation: Implementing Urban Carrying Capacity Load Number (UCCLN)  as a Spatial Decision Support System(SDSS) to monitor the environmental loads of urban ecosystems. Case study: Tehran metropolis 

M.Sc. Environmental (Spatial) Planning, Tehran University

Thesis: Studying the Impacts of Land use Changes on Flood Flows by Using Remote Sensing and GIS.( Case study: Dough River Watershed)


B.Sc. Natural Resource Engineering (Environment),Tehran University

Senior project: 


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Research Interests 

  • Spatial Planning
  • Ecological Modeling by RS/GIS, Carrying Capacity Studies
  • Urban Ecology
  • Environmental Ethics
  • RS/GIS Applications in Environmental Studies
  • Sustainable Development.



 Journal Papers:

  1. Feghhia, J., Teimouri, S., Makhdoum, M.F., Erfanifard,y. , Tehrani,A.N.2017. The Assessment of Degradation to Sustainability in an Urban Forest Ecosystem by GIS. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening.27(2017):383-389
  2. Tehrani,A.N. 2015. Introducing a method for ecosystem health assessment based on remotely sensed data. Environmental Research.6(11)71-84
  3. Tehrani,A.N.2015.Missing side of "Ethics" in the triangle of sustainable development or fourth dimension of development. Ethics in science and technology.11(1):1-10
  4. Tehrani,A.N, Makhdoum,F.M.2013. Implementing a spatial model of Urban Carrying Capacity Load Number (UCCLN) to monitor the environmental loads of urban ecosystems. Case study: Tehran metropolis. Ecological Indicators 32:197–211
  5.  Tehrani,A.N, Beheshti ,M. , Morabi ,M. 2011.Estimating crop cultivated area in Qazvin province, using IRS-LISS III temporal images. Environmental Research 2(3):87-96
  6. Tehrani,A.N., Makhdoum, M.F., Mahdavi,M. 2011.Studying the impact of land use changes on flood flow by using remote sensing (RS) and GIS - A case study in Dough river watershed, Northeast of Iran. Environmental Research.1(2):1-14
  7. Tehrani,A.N. 2009. Integrating Carrying Capacity's Concepts into the Urban Planning and Management Process. Case Study: Spatial Indicators of Waste Generation in Tehran Metropolis. Environmental Science.6 (2):87-104
  8. Tehrani,A.N., Saberi ,N. 2013. Seasonal Land Cover Change Assessment Using Remote Sensing Data Analysis.ICEPM Conference.



 Book Chapters:

 Conference Papers:

Teaching Experiences


  • Carrying Capacity studies
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Research methods in Geography
  • Advanced English in Geography


  • Management and Control of Environmental Pollutions
  • Research Methods in Remote Sensing
  • Research Methods in Health, Safety and Environment Management (HSE)
  • Principles and Methods of Urban Studies using RS/GIS


Research Supervision

  More than 30 PhD and MSc students



Professional Experiences

  • Carrying Capacity Estimation
  • Land Use (Spatial) Planning 
  • Environmental studies by using Remote Sensing & GIS
  • Ecosystem Modeling
  • Urban Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment




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